Government Contracting

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With our expertise in various areas of operations we can develop strategies to focus on meeting proposal requirements with government small-business contracts specifically veteran set-aside contracts. 

See our NACIS  and SIC codes below. We are up to date and registered with the SAM Web Platform.

By aligning our experiences and knowledge and pooling our resources, we can do the following:

  •  Bid and provide proposals for identified government contracts specific to, but not limited to; Small Business,Veteran-owned, Disabled Veteran-owned, minority-owned and woman-owned.
  • Manage awarded government contracts based on direct service or through sub-contracting agreement with experts in a particular field.

Based on research of Federal Business Opportunity web site as well as FEDBID bidding site, the demand for these set-aside small businesses such as LBLLC will continue to expand exponentially for the indefinite future.

Little Beck LLC has a mission to continue to grow and expand our business beyond government contracts and begin developing opportunities in the private sector that may generate jobs for veterans who are unemployed.

LBLLC has been certified as a Small Business,Veteran-owned, Disabled Veteran-owned, minority-owned and woman-owned business. 

At Little Beck LLC, we are experienced in Project Management and Marketing. Regardless of the area of emphasis we understand the responsibility for developing objectives, creating and implementing strategies based on objectives and assessing the deliverables based on those objectives. 

Our services include

  •  Creating measurable objectives.
  • Assessing our abilities as a team with our clients (SWOT).
  • Developing strategies.
  • Creating timelines (Pert, Gantt).
  • Creating Work Breakdown Schedules (WBS) in concert with our clients.
  • Assessing deliverables prior to implementation.



7660-Sheet and Book Music

5835-Sound Recording and Reproducing Equipment



R419-Education Service

R422-Market Research Service

R499-Other Professional Services

T001-Arts Graphics

T006-Film Video services

T010-Photography Service

T015-Photo service (motion)

T016-Audio Visual Services

u001-Lectures for training

U008-Training Curriculum Development




8999-Record production and Independent Artists

2731-Book Publishing

7929-bands orchestras etc..