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Scores and information associated with the compositions  and publishing of Kimo Williams and Carol Williams

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Photography (KimoPics)

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In 1970, as an Army Combat Engineer serving a tour of duty in Vietnam,

Kimo Williams began his fascination with capturing images and writing music that reflected his life experiences. Together, photography and music provide his distinct voice for social commentary and cultural engagement.

Government Contracts


At Little Beck LLC, we are experienced in Project Management and the implementation of projects. Regardless of the area of emphasis or Statement of Work (SOW) provided by the Contracting Agency, we can manage and implement projects and programs successfully and within budget.

Performing (Kimotion)

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Kimotion, formerly known as The Paumalu Symphony, was formed in 1975. Kimo wrote music specifically for his ensemble so as to express his compositional concepts. These concepts involved his own unique harmonic technique called Diagonal Harmony.

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