Composer Notes /Reviews/Performance History


Composers Notes

Reasons to celebrate life can come in many forms, the birth of a child, finding God, release from prison, getting married, winning the lottery, or just sitting under a tree and appreciating your existence on earth. In 1970, while on guard duty in Viet Nam, I vowed to myself that if I ever got out of there alive I would always cherish the life that I have.

In 1994 a young Chicago boy took the life of a young girl and then two young boys took the life of that young boy and another young boy took the life of a baby boy and it went on and on and on.

Viet Nam becomes a distant memory.

Fanfare for Life is my celebration of life, and I hope that each listener can find a reason to also celebrate life in whatever relative way the music presents itself.


Performance History

 Fanfare For Life

Orchestra - composed February 1994, performed by: 

  • University of Chicago Wind Ensemble - Chip Stefano, conductor (November 2018)
  • Bay Atlantic Symphony, NJ - Jed Gaylin, conductor (November, 2018)
  • Maryland Symphony Orchestra - Antietam Battle Grounds Harpsburg MD. Elizabeth Shultz, conductor (July 2018).
  • Temecula Symphony - Temucula CA.  John Mario, conductor - (May 2018)
  • Carroll Symphony - Carrollton Ga.  Terry Lowry, conductor - (July 2017)
  • Indianapolis Symphony, ID - Leslie Dunner, conductor (February 2009)

Performances cont....

  • Dallas Symphony  TX. Leslie B. Dunner, conductor (June 2008)
  • Alabama Symphony - Leslie B. Dunner, conductor (January 2008)
  • Nashville Symphony - Karen Lynne Deal, conductor (January 2007)
  • Chicago Sinfonietta - Paul Freeman, conductor (April 2004)
  • Chicago Sinfonietta - Paul Freeman, conductor (September 2003)
  • Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra - Kay Roberts, conductor (September 2000)
  • Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra - Paul Freeman, conductor (February 2000)

Performances cont....

  • Shreveport Symphony - Kay Roberts, conductor (January 2000)
  • Nashville Symphony - (January 1999)
  • Savannah Symphony - Tania Leon, Conductor (February 1996)
  • Northwest Symphony Orchestra - Paul Vermeer, conductor (January 1996)
  • Chicago Sinfonietta - Paul Freeman, conductor (May 1994)
  • Kokomo Symphony - Brian Groner, conductor (July and Oct. 94)

Recorded by the St Petersburg (Russia) Symphony on the CD titled "Buffalo Soldiers" and released on LBM Records 2006